About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our site!  OH WHERE TO BEGIN?

September 1, 2003 Peachy Keen Stamps was born!  What started as the biggest challenge EVER for me... turned into being the best thing ever! 

In the mid 90's, I saw the cutest snowman on the cover of a painting magazine and became INSTANTLY obsessed with teaching myself to paint! I didn't want to paint other designer's patterns though, I wanted to paint my own patterns!  I did just that.  My sister, Mary and I had many, many good times ahead!  We traveled around locally from craft show to craft show and sold everything I could possibly paint during the weeks prior.  As we did this, we watched as other vendors would swipe ideas and finally just downright stole the patterns!  I got a little bit fed up with this so... I decided that I was going to write a book and include all of my best selling patterns in it.  Hence, forcing the crafters to buy a book. Yes, I was quite a little hothead back then.  While writing the first in a series of 3 books, I was challenged by that little monitor and keyboard... staring at me, daring me to TRY to DRAW on the computer.  OH, it was the biggest challenge I had ever faced!  I had no idea what or how to use any of the tools.  I remember one day, my daughters, Angelica and Adrianne coming home from school, to catch me with an iceskate in the scanner.  We all still laugh about that!  Finally, figuring the whole dang thing out by myself, I became even more intrigued with drawing on the computer.  My husband, Dave was (and still is) a PHOTOPOLYMER TECH so I asked him the question that would change our lives FOREVER! "If I draw something really CUTE, could you make it into a stamp for me?"  He just rolled his eyes as if saying, "OF COURSE"!  Hence, Peachy Keen Stamps was born.  Within 3 years of beginning our business we grew SO FAST we had to find a building as we were still working out of our basement.  We had to hire employees (two of our daughters worked full time for us for several years) and we had three others that worked for us as well.  At this time we were manufacturing our own stamps at the 5000 square foot location in Green Bay.  We began manufacturing for other companies as well.  THEN.... It hit me like a ton of bricks last summer!  I was working my entire life away and so was Dave!  Over 3/4 of our sales were in face stamps so we made the decision to DOWNSIZE and semi-retire the business.  Dave and I are now the only two employees again and we have moved business back to our home. WE have four grandchildren (a fifth on the way) that we could barely spend time with and honestly, we missed them as much as they missed us.  This business has always been about our family and all we ever aimed to do was to be able to help our growing family.  Our customer base has grown incredibly and we have had the honor of calling so many of our customers our FRIENDS.  Thank you all so much for all you do / have done for us!  We appreciate your business and we know that without our customers we would have absolutely NOTHING!


Kathy for Dave and Kathy Jakopovich