Here is a list of the discontinued Face stamp sets:

PK-110 Here Kitty Kitty Face Assortment
PK-111 Here Kitty Kitty 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-470 Happy New Year Face Assortment
PK-471 Happy New Year 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-480 Christmas Character Face Assortment
PK-481 Christmas Character 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-482 Winter Wonderland Face Assortment 
PK-483 Winter Wonderland 1 1/8" Face Set 
PK-484 Snowmany Face Assortment
PK-485 Snowmany 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-492 Everyday SNOW Character Face Assortment 
PK-493 Everyday SNOW Character 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-500 Snow Cuties Face Assortment 
PK-501 Snow Cuties 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-591 Groom Face Assortment (Set of 5)
PK-640 Princess Face Assortment 
PK-641 Princess 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-642 Boy Mates Face Assortment 
PK-643 Boy Mates 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-650 Just Baby Face Assortment 
PK-651 Just Baby 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-680 Retro Face Assortment
PK-681 Retro 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-690 Make a Monster Face Assortment
PK-691 Make a Monster 1 1/8" Face Set
PK-692 Monster Mash Face Assortment
PK-693 Monster Mash 1 1/8" Face Set