EVERY Photopolymer (Peach) STAMP IS MARKED DOWN on our WEBSITE now until all the old inventory is gone!!! SO... If you want something that is NOT a face stamp... better get it now... there are many of stamps that we only have a few of! *NOTE: in order for you to BE SURE to get that stamp set you must check out all the way.  If you save it in your cart, it may not be there when you do check out.  Please, to ensure that your cart is fresh, log out and then back in. 

Enjoy our  pricing on our Face Assortments (all $20.00 each) and our 1 1/8th inch Face Stamps (all $8.00 each) as we would like to invite all of our loyal customers to get in on the warehouse sale.  This will go through the middle of September.

Here are the size charts for those searching for them.  I cannot get them to show up anywhere else?