Peachies!!  Ever miss a FLASH SALE?  You know, the SALE where you cannot get to a website quick enough?  I get so ticked when I miss a good sale because I didn't have enough time to go get my deal!  So here is your HEADS UP for tomorrow/ tonight!!!

There are SIX FOUR HOUR DEALS in the next 24 HOURS!! We are located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and are in the Central Time Zone (same time as Chicago). California is 2 hours behind us and New York is 1 hour ahead of us.  Please adjust your times accordingly.

The name/time of the sale is YOUR PROMO CODE for that particular 4 hour FLASHY FRIDAY time slot. *Note: The codes are CASE SENSITIVE and must be typed EXACTLY as shown ALL UPPERCASE, no spaces and are TIME SENSITIVE. 

NITEOWL - the sale begins at 11:59PM 2/4/2016 tonight until 4am 2/5/2016

EARLYBIRD - the sale begins at 4am until 8am 

LATESLEEPER - the sale begins at 8am  until 12 noon 

AFTERNOONERS - the sale begin at 12 noon  and will go until 4pm 

HAPPYHOUR - the sale is from 4pm to 8pm 

TVTIMERS - the  sale is from 8pm until 12 midnight


NITEOWL:  SAVE 40 PERCENT on YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! *Minimum $15.00 order (before discounts).

EARLYBIRD:  BUY TWO ASSORTMENTS GET ONE ASSORTMENT FREE!  ONLY ASSORTMENTS! Add the additional assortment to your cart!! (The cart will adjust your price, if you buy two, three or four - I just checked it and it is awesome!) 

LATESLEEPER:  SAVE 30 PERCENT on YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! *Minimum $15.00 order (before discounts).

AFTERNOONERS: BUY TWO 1 1/8th inch Face Sets GET ONE 1 -1/8th inch FACE SET FREE! ONLY from this category.  Add the additional 1-1/8th to your cart!!  (The cart will adjust your price, if you buy two, three or four or more!)

HAPPYHOUR: SAVE 25% on YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! Minimum $10.00 order (before discounts).

TVTIMERS:  Turn off the tv... unless of course you are on WEB TV!!! YOU don't wanna miss this last FOUR HOUR FLASH! SAVE 35% ON YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!!  *Minimum $15.00 order.



ALL of our RETIRED stamps as digital images in COLOR, BLACK and WHITE, SVGS and PIECEABLES!!!